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Special Promotion: Tax Declaration FY11 - KPA offers cost-effective package tax declaration for SMEs, Large enterprises and Corporate.



We provide innovative and distinctive tax solutions to our clients by focusing on minimizing risk and developing effective solutions to your tax challenges. We offer the following tax services:


Corporate Tax

We provide package corporate tax services to our clients, which includes monthly and annual tax declaration.

Our technical knowledge and experience is used to advise businesses in a wide range of industries including Manufacturing, Real estate, Transportation, Hotels and hospitality and Food and beverage.


Our approach in developing effective solutions is to:

  • Analyze your business operations;
  • Review your current tax position;
  • Research and offer practical solutions;
  • Guide you through the process and ensure proper, compliant implementation;
  • Defend the structure against challenges by the tax authorities;
  • Alert you to the latest tax developments.


Tax Status review

We conduct tax status reviews of target companies to analyze their tax exposure and position in relation to acquisitions, mergers or consolidations or risk of non-compliance.


Government relations

We liaise with government agencies, such as the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the General Department of Taxation and the customs authorities to obtain relevant information for the benefit of our clients. Our tax professionals have developed strong working relationships over many years with officials at various levels to assist you should the need arise.

News Update

Seasonal Promotion: Tax Declaration Service for FY2011

KPA offers special promotion for FY11 tax declaration service to all SMEs, Large enterprises and corporation.

Contact us now for more information. For more information, please follow the link.

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